ADD aka ADDictive DJ Designs

ADDictive DJ Designs (ADD) is a music themed clothing brand.

Formed in 2022, our company is the brainchild of DJ / Artist Kevin Barnett who rallied a team of forward-thinking individuals to share their sense of style, humor and talent for the good of fashion and humankind.

We thrive on collaboration. The linking of our army’s active attention spans to form a true design collective.

Original designs include ADD’s signature headphones along with remixed phrases like ‘Party Animal,’ and ‘spun at 180 BPM.’ Sizes include Soft, Medium, Loud, XLoud, and XXtreme. Limited-edition specialty ADD apparel and gear will drop at random intervals.

Our shirts are created with lots of love, and Pure ADD. Each item sold by ADD is carefully selected and produced. We use quality fabrics, original artwork, and innovative printing techniques, so those who buy ADD know they own a truly unique piece unlike anything on the market today.

At the University of ADD, music is our animal and comfort is our party. We are ADD.

Time to get ADDicted.